‘䲹dzܲ’ – Ƶ’s Spunky 2021 Production


Eight weeks from now, ‘䲹dzܲ’, the award-winning Broadway musical, will be performed by students from Ƶ and Broadgreen Intermediate at the Theatre Royal. The teen actors are directed by Nigel Weeks and Verity Davidson with Kay Mackenzie as the musical administrator and Jana Polglase as the choreographer.

Carousel’ is a melodic tale that follows Billy Bigelow (played by Will Roddick.) He’s a charismatic, rule-breaking individual that bumps into Julie (played by Ruby Burr) who he falls in love with almost instantly. To maintain their love, he makes awful choices that he can’t take back. That is, until he is given the chance to by an otherworldly force.

As the days lead up to the performance, the cast and chorus are polishing their harmonies for songs, roles for acting and choreography for the dances twice a week. There will be a variety of musical numbers that vary in mood and pace, from the spunky, rowdy tune of ‘Blow High, Blow Low’ to the heartfelt, elegant melody of ‘Finale: You’ll Never Walk Alone (Reprise.)’ Meanwhile, the backstage crew are working hard to complete and perfect their make-up, lighting arrangements, clothing choices and set designs.

Carousel’ will be played in the Theatre Royal from 19-22 May. Five shows will be played during its run. Get your tickets from the Theatre Royal as soon as possible to avoid the chance of them selling out. ‘䲹dzܲ’ is worth the watch, with the outstanding scores and rhythmic choreography. Get ready for another amazing Ƶ production!

By Student journalist Jasmine Howie